1. Does Archival Inn have WIFI?

Yes! You’ll find an internet code in our guest handbook at the retreat.

2. May I add on one or two additional nights to my stay?

Yes! Quite often our guests will add on a Wednesday and or Thursday evening to their weekend. It’s only $250 plus tax per day.

3. Do you provide cooking oils and/or other baking/cooking ingredients?

No. For health and safety reasons, we do not provide these types of foods. We do provide individual sugar packets and individual creamers for your coffee.

4. What if I’m not a scrapbooker?

That’s just fine! We welcome quilters, knitters, paper crafters and sewers! Whatever your hobby, you are welcome to come and relax for the weekend.

5. How does your “self check-in” process work?

If you’ve stayed with us previously, you are welcome to enjoy our “self check-in” process. Just let us know your chosen four digit code for the front door. We’ll program it ahead of time for you. Simply show up on your day of arrival (as early as 9 a.m.), put your code in the door and you’re good to go!

6. When I come with my group, does the retreat owner stay with us as well?

No! We believe in the retreat being PRIVATE only for your group when you visit. The retreat owner may greet you upon arrival if you are visiting for the first time. But after a brief tour, she’ll leave and you’ll have the entire 3,000 square foot home all to yourselves!

7. Help! I can’t find the retreat address anywhere on your website or in your advertising.

Exactly! This is by design; not by accident! We believe in giving our valued guests as much privacy as possible. Only those who stay with us have the address. We know the last thing you want is to have some nosy person “stopping by” to check out the retreat. We also believe in keeping you as SAFE as possible. Our online calendar reflects our guests arrivals so we’d rather be safe than sorry and not publicize the address and dates of when a group of ladies will be staying at the Inn.

8. I see that you don’t allow children at the retreat. You don’t like kids?

The retreat owner is a Mom and loves children! However, the retreat is not “child proof” and therefore we cannot be held responsible for a child getting injured during your stay. Also, we believe in the retreat being a place of “respite”; where all members of your group will have ample opportunity to rest and relax. Sometimes that’s hard to do with kids running about!

9. Do you accept credit cards as an acceptable form of payment?

We try to keep the retreat as affordable as possible. Therefore, we do not accept credit cards as we do not want to raise our prices significantly to accommodate credit card processing fees.

10. Do you have a television in the crop room?

No, we do not. We realize that everyone has different tastes in what they like to watch. And many people prefer to not be distracted while scrapbooking. So we have chosen to provide a more serene setting in which to work on your craft. We do have a radio, however, in the crop room.

11. “I’m a smoker and see that the retreat is ‘non-smoking’….Am I allowed to smoke outside?”

Yes. We do not provide ashtrays but you are allowed to smoke outside, in the driveway. We ask that you please be respectful and extinguish your cigarette butts on the cement and dispose of them in the garage. Smoking inside the retreat is cause for loss of your security deposit. Additionally, you may be assessed a special cleaning fee to rid the home of foul odors.

12. “Will we have enough towels when we stay with you?”

Unlike some retreats where each guest has a “ration” of towels, we provide an ample amount of towels, period. Use two towels during your stay or four. It doesn’t matter. Just like your own home, we have a full linen closet with LOTS of towels…just help yourself!

13. “Will I get stuck sleeping on a bunk bed, trundle or pull-out sofa?”

Never! We know that at some retreats, that’s pretty much expected. But not at Archival Inn. You’ll get your own REAL stand alone bed with sheets, a pillow, a high quality quilt or comforter and blanket. We even have extra blankets in case you need them. Oh, and we have a stash of memory foam pillows if you prefer one of those. And we do mean a “real bed”, meaning not just a box frame and mattress but an actual bed, complete with headboard. We don’t “skimp” when it comes to a good night’s sleep!

14. “I’m someone who needs to sleep in a room that’s very dark. Do you provide one of those as an option?”

Yes. Both our Crimson Tide Room and our Pretty in Pink Room have room-darkening curtains.

15. “What do I do if I lost something at the retreat?”

Lost and found items will be kept in a box at the retreat, in the lower level family room, clearly marked, “Lost & Found”. Items not claimed by January 1st of the following year, will be donated. All items must be picked up at the retreat, on a scheduled Monday or Tuesday morning. To make arrangements, please contact Jane at jane@archivalinn.com. Please note: We do not have time to notify everyone of lost items so please check your bedrooms and living areas over carefully before leaving the retreat for the final time. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items that are left behind.